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Subject Dentium World Forum in Budapest
Country English Registered data 09/27/2018 Read 23374

Dentium World Forum in Budapest

Date : October 27th - 28th

Place : Budapest Congress Center

Topic : Digital Transformation & Bone Regeneration


Grand Budapest Forum by Dentium which is leading Dental Trend!




Dentium which is proud of global user network is holding ‘2018 Dentium World Forum in Budapest’  in Congress center in Budapest with 2 day schedule on October 27th and 28th.


 In this forum of which main title is ‘‘Digital Transformation & Bone Regeneration’, distinguished international international and domestic lecturers’ diverse lectures such as ▶Prof. Jeongcheol Park ‘Fantastic Implants and Where to Find Them’ ▶Prof. Xu Xin ‘Aesthetic Treatment Options for Anterior Teeth’ ▶Dr. Sungmin Jung ‘Practical Digital Transformation’ ▶Dr. Robert F. Faulkner ‘Digital Implant Dentistry and Digital Technology…Moving at Light Speed’  in the morning of 28th, and ▶Dr. Michael Norton ‘Sinus Grafting – Risks, Complications and Solutions using the Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit (DASK) ▶Dr. Marius Steigmann ‘Rules of Soft Tissue Management in Digital World ▶Prof. Hernandez Alfaro ‘Bone Reconstruction in Implant Dentistry: Where do we stand now?’ ▶Prof. Uiwon Jung ‘Soft and Hard Tissue Management for Contour Augmentation at Periimplant Defects’ in the afternoon will be held.



 In this forum, widely ranged lectures and hands-on field for experiencing digital related products including rainbow™CT, rainbow™Mill-Metal, Digital Guide Kit and various new Dentium products is scheduled to be prepared.





Also, excellence of the product will be directly seen through clinical cases in the lecture. In particular, it is expected that this event will show the potential of Dentium as a one and only implant company that has longer than 10 year long-term in Korea.



On 27th, pre-congress which composed of lectures with various titles such as ▶Dr. Craig Parker ‘Enhancing outcomes with a Digital Workflow; Computer Assisted Surgery with the Dentium Full Guide Kit’ ▶Dr. Firat Selvi ‘Sinus Lift Operation  that will attract the interest of participating dentists is scheduled.


After completion of the lectures with each titles, hands-on along with the lecturers will enable experiencing Dentium's popular products such as Digital Guide Kit and sinus kit etc., so the interest towards pre-congress is high.



2018 Dentium World Forum in Budapest’ is recruiting the participants actively already.




Dentium’s plan is to accelerate European and overseas market targeting through this Budapest forum.


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